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Hyperonix provides Web Design, Web Development, CMS Solution, Portal, Ecommerce, Hosting to Chicago Land and the Chicago suburbs.

Advanced Features

Easy Content Authoring

  • Web-based WYSIWYG HTML editor makes it easy to create and format content, check spelling, and preview
  • Automatically creates HTML from Microsoft Word
  • Object-level architecture allows distributed content creation across a team in multiple locations, then is automatically combined into Web pages
  • Use of familiar external authoring tools reduces training
  • Schedule content to automatically start and expire, replacing earlier content
  • Preview content in context using a presentation template
  • Automatic link creation provides assurance

Website Design

  • Master stylesheet-driven  templates control content placement, providing a consistent look and feel throughout site, while the web templates allow users to assign common content using placeholder Web Parts
  • Unlimited number of web templates can be created by assigning Web Part placeholders without code changes
  • Web Parts allow content to be reused in multiple pages
  • Web Parts appearance and properties can be assigned dynamically without need of hard coding or highly technical skilled personnel
  • The design changed can be accomplished quickly and can be applied across the entire site

Dynamic Web Parts

  • Unlike standard web or user controls that can be placed on the page through code, Hyperonix uses Web Parts which are loaded dynamically into Web Part placeholders
  •  The properties of a dynamic Web Part are saved to the database so that users can access and manipulate the properties without using development tools
  • Static Web Parts can be placed outside of the Web Part placeholder and the user can control most of their properties
  • Users can place the Web Parts on the page in any position they like. Then, if you don’t like how they fit, you can simply rearrange again

Dynamic Forms and Reports

  • Create a web form from scratch or use a table or view definition
  • Unlimited form elements
  • Supports all .NET web controls like dropdown menus, checkboxes and radio button lists
  • Customize  all form element attributes like width, height, color, fonts, borders, style
  • Customize all form element events like onClick, onMousedown, onMouseOver
  • Define data type and validation for each form element
  • Customize list item layout or event properties
  • Arrange multiple form elements into the same row
  • Arranging form rows
  • Define the form action like redirect URL, send e-mail, database save and prepopulate the saved value

Membership and Workflow

  •  Integrates people, processes and information within a single Web application
  • Standard three-stage approval system: create, review, and publish web content
  • Automatically publish approved content


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