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Hyperonix provides Web Design, Web Development, CMS Solution, Portal, Ecommerce, Hosting to Chicago Land and the Chicago suburbs.

Feature Overview

100% Web based interface

Hyperonix is a run-time content delivery engine that facilitates the dynamic delivery of content and supports next generation Web technologies.

Configurable content authoring and workflow  

Every business uses a unique vocabulary to describe its publishing process. With the Hyperonix CMS, permissions and workflows can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be.

Permissions, roles and groups management  

Permissions are aggregated by role. “Roles” belong to groups, with group-based permissions. Properly administered user accounts protect your content from accidents

Built-in Search  

Template building, management and preview
HTML is the universal language of the Hyperonix CMS.

Parallel development, staging and production publishing environments  

Separate development, staging, and production environments make it possible to do an entire site redesign behind the scenes, using live content. A flip of the switch unveils the new design.

Dynamic page generation and caching  

The Hyperonix CMS offers strong support at the page rendering level, resulting in consistently fast content delivery.

Multiple content types, including articles, events, slideshows, podcasts, video  

Automated Navigation  

Hyperonix CMS intelligently manages all Web site navigation, automating the process of building cover pages and section fronts, and dramatically reducing the time to update and maintain Web pages.  Ingeniux CMS can automatically build navigation based on hierarchy treeview

WYSIWYG Editor  

Hyperonix includes a simple and powerful WYSIWYG rich-text editor, an intuitive Word-like editor and assist even non-technical users to author and manage HTML content as easily as writing a document.

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