Easy to Use

The intuitive Web-based administrator console lets even a novice user take total control. Simply point, click and type!

Simplified Web publishing

Document check-in/check-out, one-level workflow, preview staged content, content history and versioning, easy-to-access repository (files, image, and hyperlinks).

How it works?

 Built-in authoring tools assist with your web site needs such as workflow and design. Hyperonix is database driven and stores and delivers content, offering a more global approach to website development. In Hyperonix CMS, content resides in this central repository, and templates, designed by Web developers, tell the database what, how, and when to publish materials on the web page.


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Basic Express Edition

Ideal choice for:
  • Corporate or organization “brochure” sites
  • Basic  Interactive sites
  • Small business and departmental intranets

Professional Edition

Ideal choice for:
  • Secure Corporate or organization websites
  • Highly interactive marketing sites
  • Suites of branded microsites

Enterprise Edition

Hyperonix Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a solution used to capture, store, create and publish content related to multiple business teams or divisions. ECM allows the management of mutliple websites using the same software and database.

Ideal choice for:
  • Multiple business entities
  • Global e-business
  • Multi-channel publishing
  • Extra-large, ultra-complex single websites

Hyperonix Consulting Services delivers strategic information about lifecycle management objectives. Hyperonix consultants translate business objectives into a clear vision and helps develop a roadmap balancing short-term needs and long-term benefits, all driven by a sound business case.

Hyperonix CMS is an easy to use, functional and flexible web authoring tool. Its interface is intuitive and is not overloaded with functions and buttons that may not be used. If you can use Microsoft® Word then you can use Hyperonix. Most of the functions such as applying style sheets, uploading/adding images or documents, and adding links are automated. This enables users to perform day-to-day tasks visually, and without need for making changes to the code.

The Hyperonix Platform

The Hyperonix Platform

Hyperonix CMS is seamlessly integrated with the ASP.NET 3.5 framework. Web application developers can use the power of .NET 3.5 and make solutions using the power of master pages, Web Parts and a host of goodies that the new framework provides.

With complete support of Visual Studio and MS SQL Server, developers can take advantage of the .NET 3.5 controls and use all the Hyperonix Web Parts with built in design.

Creative Design

Creative Design
Our services are designed to empower your businesses or organization to take advantage of internet and traditional marketing opportunities. Using Hyperonix, you can create a web site that enables you to take control of content  and turn your site into a powerful marketing tool. Without any technical experience, you take control of your own web site and not have to rely on a skilled developer every time you want to make a change.

Custom Implementation

Hyperonix can resolve a number of website design, development, and deployment problems.  We specialize in the customization of Hyperonix CMS to optimize and enhance maintenance and workflows for complex, multi-site web applications. Hyperonix’s proven methodology takes the headache of changing hosting providers, software and hardware upgrades.

Template Design and Build Out

Hyperonix has strong experience with presentation templates, both in creation and maintenance. We have developed a modular content (Web Parts) approach to Hyperonix CMS template development to provide maximum flexibility to content contributors while still maintaining the standard look and feel of a site, which is so important in maintaining your brand. Additionally, Hyperonix allow you to create specific templates and  makes template maintenance across the website and sub-sites as easy as maintenance on a single site.

Content Import

Hyperonix CMS training is a hands-on course where participants will have the opportunity to implement Hyperonix CMS in a controlled environment. Step-by-step guidance will be provided and attendees will learn tips and tricks to Hyperonix CMS implementation. During the course of the training, attendees will learn to use Hyperonix in a production environment.


Because each project requires different hosting options, we will evaluate your project and supply a custom hosting package for any type of web site.


Hyperonix provides customized training programs to ensure our customers are well prepared to manage their site. Your objective may be to train new users, tune up existing users, update training materials and find improvements and tweaks to the system.

End user training comes with completely customized documentation.  We walk through actual tasks step-by-step providing instructions, images and screenshots.

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